Telarc International
Sound Room Updates
Engineered by:
Software Authority and the
Telarc Staff

Installed by:
Software Authority, Dan Bays
Telarc Technical Staff, Paul Blakemore & Jim Yates
Wizard SounDesign, Bob Wood and
Expert Freelance Installer, Frank Smith

Project Completed September 2001

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In the beginning -- there were empty racks and a vision.

June 5, 2001

State of the art equipment overflowed into the hallways.

Temporary equipment connections were made during the project to accommodate editing schedules.

Audio, digital, control, and AC power cables tangled on the floor in Sound Room 3.

Stacked equipment in Sound Room 2.

Outdated patching techniques.

A mixed bag of interconnects from this old panel.

Sound Room 3 during the conduit installation.

New AC power circuits were supplied for the new Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS).

June 25 2001

The UPS was installed to assure continuous power to the new equipment. (Zero down time)

Installer (Bob Wood) routes new cables through an old machine cabinet for Sound Room 2.

Installer (Frank Smith) pre assembles a patch bay and connector panel in Sound Room 3.

Prefabrication of the split AES digital and analog audio panels on location.

Prefabrication of a 96 point audio patch bay on location.

Rack mounting of the equipment and patchbays began. Still missing a few components.

Cabling was routed to the racks and the interconnection work began.

The patch bays and connector panels were installed and wired to the Sound Rooms and tailed to rack equipment.

Close up of the patch bays and connector panels  in Rack 4.
Completed July 13, 2001

Rear view of the patch bays and connector panels in Rack 4.

Additional rear view of the patch bays and connector panels in Rack 4.

Rack 6 with AES access panel shown at the bottom of the rack.

Belden's best AES digital cable lines in Rack 6, with service loops.

Sound Room 3 after the patch bay and connector panel installation.

Closer view of the completed rack.
July 27, 2001

Close up shows the split AES digital and audio access panels with a 96 point patch bay above, and the Switchman Surround set atop with new harness.

A different UPS model was ordered and installed after the first one failed to perform as expected.

A by-pass switch was installed as specified for the new UPS.
The following four shots were taken on August 27, 2001 after a weekend of intense work moving system components and testing the newly installed circuits. Telarc's personnel are enthusiastic about the consolidation and are looking forward to the convenience provided by the new system. This will eliminate hours of wasted time hard patching components together for each editing project.

Patch cords and equipment have been removed from Sound Room 1 and reinstalled in the new machine room. 

Racks full of equipment gathered up from the three working sound rooms and nooks and crannies at Telarc.

Wider angle shot of the loaded racks.

Colorful rear view close-up of the BNC patch panel before the equipment rack side panel is installed.
Hopefully I will be returning to Telarc after they settle in with their new system.  I will try to shoot more pictures for posting at that time. 

Bob Wood
September 5, 2001

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