Cleveland Institute of Music
Patric Audio Recording Center
Control Room A Wiring Project

Engineered by:
Bruce Ecre, CIM faculity

Installation Assistance by:
Bob Wood, Wizard SounDesign

Project Completed January 2007

Not every project is totally engineered and installed by Wizard Sound. Many times our professional clients contact us for assistance with some of the more technical aspects of an installation they are doing themselves. In the case of the new Patric Audio Recording Center at CIM, cabling end connectors needed to be installed to mate to the new control room console and wired to the studio connector panels. Some of the grunt work of new equipment placement and cabling pulls was done by students and faculity after the primary room construction was completed. We were called in to assist on the technical stuff; like installing the multi-pin connectors, bundling and pulling in a few of the audio lines, and designing and sourcing the studio panels.

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Prepped 8-pair shielded cable. Twenty-four (24) gold contacts dressed and in order for insertion into the connector body. 045

The connector inserts are fastened to the connector body in accordance to standard wiring practices. 047

Contacts have all been inserted into the body -- awaiting the hood and cable clamp. 048

View showing the final assembly of the Edac connector. Note the final heatshrink sleeve binding the four cables together at the clamp. 049

Digi equipment rack before being wired.026

Digi equipment rack rear. 027
digi-rack wire harness
A mixed bag of interconnects from this old panel.

Completed cabling ready for connector body and hood installation. 046

The NeoTech Elan recording console and patch baythat needs to be integrated into the new recording suite.

The underbelly of the beast. 023

Additional connectors interconnect the machine room, the digi equipment rack and other connector panels in the studios. .

coming soon, under construction

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