Broadview Heights
City Council Chambers
System Design and Engineering by:
Bob Wood, Wizard SounDesign

Installed by:
Wizard SounDesign

Project Completed February 1999

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Planning began in 1998 to move the city council chambers to the newly acquired Broadview Center Thorin Building.
This included moving the custom built semi-circular wooden council desk and reuse of some of the existing sound equipment.

The existing public speaker podium was reworked to accommodate a new Shure MX400 series gooseneck mic and connector box was added for convenient hook up to a new floor jack.

A new microphone shock isolation mount was installed into a wooded block to reduce long term sag of the mount's rubber suspension.

Shock isolation mounts were installed into the council desk for eack gooseneck mic to reduce mechanical noise from being transmitted into the audio signals.

Another view of the council mics mounted to the desktop. There is an additional Microflex mic on a desktop base provided for the safety director's table that will be passed around during their reports.

A Lanier 4-channel cassette recorder was reused and installed for capturing council and court sessions at the Recording Securtary's position.

A new Middle Atlantic steel equipment rack was installed in a utility space behind the council desk to house the new IRP System 41 modular system, the new power amp and a new hearing assisted system. The System 41 included four 4-channel auto-mix cards, one 4-channel line driver (to provide the recorder signal feeds), one Level-Matic AGC card and one TEQ equilizer card, leaving plenty of room for any future expansion of the system.

This photo shows the IRP System 41 open to view the installed cards and the magnetic settings sheet corresponding to the cards being used.

A view of the new equipment rack ready for use. The power amp is on top to reduce heating up the other rack components. A master power conditioning strip with a main switch resides in the lower-most rack space.

A wall plaque was installed at the council chambers entrance advising that hearing assistance devices are available for the asking. The starter Telex SoundMate system comes with this plaque along with four personal receivers. A 1/4 wave transmitter antenna was consealed just above the ceiling.

Fifteen new 8 inch speakers with 4-J plenum rated back cans were set on a 90% coverage pattern in the new ceiling. The front row of speakers were tapped at a lower wattage to reduce possible feedback, whereas the last row was bumped up a bit. The speaker directly over the podium was tapped even lower due to the podium mic.

The completed system as viewed from the rear of the council chambers. Our objective is always to keep any sound reinforcement equipment as inconspicuous as possible.


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